Photo from plane flying over Kodiak, AlaskaAlaska is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and Kodiak, Alaska, is home to some of the most beautiful places in Alaska. When you stay with us at our Afognak Island Alaska wilderness lodge, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best Alaska scenery. We offer easy access to both the Alaskan wilderness and the Gulf of Alaska, so you can explore during the day and grab a hearty meal whenever desired. Visit these four must-see places around Kodiak, Alaska.

Fossil Beach in Kodiak, Alaska

The road to Fossil Beach beach is rough but worth it. The beach itself isn’t large, but cliffs tower on each side to create a protected, private cove. Visiting this spot will leave you feeling relatively small in the world, compared to the vast ocean, rocky ledges, and ancient fossils. Be sure to stop here at low tide to enjoy several hours of searching the cliffs for fossilized sea creatures and plants. To drive here, take Pasagshak Road, which is the right fork in the road after passing the US Coast Guard Base. Go through Kodiak, Alaska, until the road ends at the beach.

Fort Abercrombie State Park Alaska Scenery

Fort Abercrombie State Park is a dream come true for any history buff. It’s full of World War II defense ruins, and over the years these man-made items combined with the Alaskan wilderness. They’re overgrown with greenery and camouflage into the park’s incredible Alaska scenery. You’ll see bunkers, wildflowers, cannons, and crashing waves. It’s the kind of place you can only find in Kodiak, Alaska. 

Alaska Wilderness at Women’s Bay

Happy sea otter | Kodiak, Alaska

Women’s Bay is totally inhabited by the largest U.S. Coast Guard base in North America. It’s just a few miles south from the Kodiak Airport with many new residential buildings in surrounding locations. Their harbor is home port to several cutter-ships, long-range surveillance aircraft, and helicopters for rescue swimmers. This is a vibrant, intelligent, and well-respected community of dedicated professionals.

Afognak Island State Park

Just north of Kodiak, Alaska, the northern & eastern portions of Afognak Island remain as a true-wilderness area that comprises the Afognak Island State Park. Our Kodiak Lodge is at the coastal heart of this pristine island. As a result, we have a convenient proximity to the park. The park offers hunting, fishing, land/marine wildlife photography, beach-combing, and hiking to satisfy every traveler. You’re likely to see unique land animals in this stretch of great Alaska scenery. 

Wherever you go in Kodiak, Alaska, and Afognak Island, Afognak Wilderness Lodge will make your stay fun-filled and comfortable. Book an elegantly rustic log cabin for a warm bed to crash in after a full day in our corner-of-paradise.