From world-renowned photographers and film-makers to novices fueling their newfound passion and hobby, Afognak Wilderness Lodge plays host to all levels of creatives hoping to capture the perfect moment on film. As the only residence within the 50,000-acre Afognak Island State Park, our Kodiak Alaska lodging is exclusive and remote. Our unique island location not only means that you’ll have access to unmatched protected wildlife, but also that your extraordinary photo ops begin right away. Capture the first stills of your trip as you enter the island either by air or by sea, and make your way through the mountainous and preserved forest to your Kodiak Alaska lodging. Settle in and prepare for all of the amazing photo ops to come on the incredible Afognak Island.

Picturesque Photo Ops

Whether you are here on a fishing vacation and brought along the camera for fun, or are staying at the Lodge specifically to capture the breathtaking island on film, Afognak Island State Park will provide you with ceaseless picturesque photo ops. With the plethora of protected wildlife on the Island, it is almost impossible not to run into unique and majestic inhabitants. Leave our beautifully secluded Kodiak Alaska lodging and hike through the Afognak forest, witnessing the Kodiak Brown Bear (the world’s largest ear) undisturbed in its natural environment. Comfortably capture breathtaking images of a variety of other island land mammals, as the island practically has no mosquitoes! Also be sure to focus your lens on the stunning plant life and natural beauty of the State Park.

Photography Tours

If you’re looking for some guidance to find the best shooting locations, our Kodiak Alaska lodging offers multiple guides and photography tours. Gently glide around rock formations along the Island’s rugged shore on the Kayaking Photography Tour. Silently sneak into the background, and capture breathtaking nature shots. Take advantage of our location in the Kodiak Islands and head out on one of our boat trips, sailing past fantastic photo opportunities such as rock islands covered in sea lions, an abundance of off-shore birds, and a variety of breaching whales. Many film industry veterans boast Afognak Island’s northern waters as the best overall location for shooting aquatic wildlife.

Kodiak Alaska Lodging

As the only human inhabitancy in Afognak Island State Park, Afognak Wilderness Lodge is one of the most exclusive and alluring Kodiak Alaska lodging options available. Immerse yourself in the most unique photo opportunities, not only in Alaska but in the entire world.