Native to Kodiak Island, the Kodiak red fox is large in size, with a big tail and coarse, thick fur. The fur around the shoulders and neck is thicker and denser than the fur on the rest of the body and more so during the winter season. The Kodiak red fox is largest member of the true fox family.

An adult Kodiak red fox can run nearly 30 miles per hour and make impressive jumps of over 6 feet. This fox can measure up to 35 inches in length and have a tail that’s up to 16 inches long. The adults can weigh up to 15 pounds, with the females typically weighing less.


An adult red fox can consume up to two pounds of food per day and is often seen ‘pouncing’ on it’s prey much like a cat does. Red foxes eat berries, fruits, insects, vole, birds, rabbits, muskrats, squirrel and vegetation. They also eat sea urchins and other small animals they find near bodies of water.

When To View Kodiak Red Foxes

As nocturnal animals, Kodiak red foxes are most active at night and are elusive by nature. The best time to see red foxes is during the early morning hours and evening low tides. It is common to see foxes on Kodiak on the beach feeding on sea urchins and other small mammals and digging for worms.

Reproduction and Lifespan

Red foxes’ breeding habits can vary considerably. While they’ve been seen exhibiting monogamous breeding behavior, males will also breed with several females. The breeding season for Kodiak red fox is during the early spring. Once a female becomes pregnant, the gestation period lasts for 49 to 58 days. Females give birth to litters ranging from 1 to 10 pups.

A red fox can live for as long as 15 years, though in the wild they typically do not survive past 5 years of age. This relatively short life span is due to the fact that the red fox has many natural enemies including humans (principally as trappers), wolves, coyotes, lynx, wolverines and bears. In many areas, eagles prey on fox pups as the young animals are extremely vulnerable to attack.

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