Kodiak Island vacationYou’ve spent all day outside enjoying the gorgeous Alaskan outdoors, and while it’s been the time of your life, you are exhausted and in need of a hearty and filling home cooked meal. Lucky for you, our Afognak Wilderness Lodge in the beautiful Kodiak Islands provides guests with fantastic dining options to keep everyone satisfied and happy after an exciting Alaskan adventure. Book your Kodiak Island vacation with us, and experience comfortable living with unmatched access to this incredible part of the world.

Dinner at the Lodge

Whether you spend your days on a local stream fly fishing for salmon, out on the Pacific reeling in massive Halibut, on a guided awe-inspiring whale watching tour, or capturing snapshots of breathtaking wildlife, you will always have warm and comfortable accommodations waiting for you at the lodge. Along with these cozy accommodations come a schedule of hearty and delicious meals. Afognak Wilderness Lodge dishes up local offerings served family style every night in the main lodge. Sit around our welcoming tables and enjoy generous helpings of Alaskan comfort food in the company of your friends and family. There’s nothing better than a full stomach after a day exploring the pristine wilderness surrounding our lodge. The staff at Afognak Wilderness Lodge are devoted to providing you with the best service and an unforgettable Kodiak Island vacation.

Lunch Out in the Field

While you are out in the field exploring, fishing, or putting incredible images to film, enjoy a lunch prepared and provided by your Afognak Wilderness Lodge guide. There is no need to break up a perfect day by making a trip back to the main lodge for lunch. With our nutritious and tasty mid-day meal, you can keep on doing what you came to Alaska to do – enjoy the great Alaskan wilderness in the most unique part of the state.

Kodiak Island Vacation

Enjoy the very best Alaskan getaway and book your stay with Afognak Wilderness Lodge. Let us take care of the food while you enjoy your Kodiak Island vacation. We will provide you with unparalleled access to the state’s most impressive wilderness, along with delicious offerings both at the lodge and out in the field! An exciting Alaskan escape is waiting for you!