There is no rush quite like heading out to sea with fishing gear in hand and tackling the monsters of the deep for an incredible Alaska fishing trip. When you embark on one of our Afognak Wilderness Lodge saltwater fishing trips, you can expect the most exciting catches you have ever reeled in. Kodiak Island fishing lodges don’t get much better than this as there is an array of fish that you will be able to wrangle that you can’t find in the fresh waters of the Alaskan wilderness.

Summertime Fun

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During the summer months, Afognak Wilderness Lodge takes guests out to some of the most abundant saltwater fishing areas surrounding our Kodiak Island. Feel the misty ocean spray brush across your face and breathe in the fresh air as you bob with the waves on one of our fishing boats. Cast your lines for lingcod, yellow-eyes, giant halibut, sea bass, greenling, red snappers, flounder, and even more! There is no telling what you will pull up from the deep blue when you embark on saltwater adventures with one of the best Kodiak Island fishing lodges— Afognak Wilderness Lodge.

The Advantage of Kodiak Island Fishing Lodges

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Being one of the only Kodiak Island fishing lodges and the only lodge or residence on Afogank Island within the Afognak Island State Park, our guests will have the advantage of accessing waters that others don’t. With less competition in the area, the number of fish is higher, and our guides have first pick at all of the best fishing honey-holes. You will also likely see a wide variety of wildlife such as whales, seals, and various birds. Secluded and surrounded by both saltwater and freshwater opportunities, we can easily access all of the most fruitful bodies of water so that each trip out is a success.

Dining Delights

We also have an advantage by being in the heart of where the North Pacific’s world-class seafood is found. This grants us the ability to treat our guests to fantastic dining opportunities to go along with their memorable days of fishing. Whether you are craving delicious shellfish or a perfectly cooked salmon, you can indulge in the best during your time at Afognak Wilderness Lodge. Come and experience the thrills and advantages of saltwater fishing at our wilderness lodge this summer!