Brooks FallsPeople make the voyage out here at Afognak Wilderness Lodge, within the heart of Afognak Island State Park, for various reasons. For one, the fishing here is elite, comprised of sockeye and silver salmon, Dolly Varden trout, halibut, ling-cod, and yellow-eye and sea-bass, among others. Our numerous national parks offer stunning and undisturbed landscapes that create great photo opportunities for guests. Another popular activity is wildlife viewing, and there may be no other animal more symbolic of Alaska as the kodiak brown bear. Hop in one of our boats for nearby bear-viewing OR a seaplane and head to one of the distant spots to see them up close, in person.

Lake Clark Area

Located at the headwaters of Bristol Bay, you are unlikely to find anything more true to the Alaskan wilderness than Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. Bears generally converge in high numbers in this area to feed. The three main spots to see them in the preserve are Chinitna Bay, Crescent Lake, and Silver Salmon Creek. You’ll be on the ground walking for much of these excursions to get the best glimpses. At these locations, you are likely to see other wildlife as well, including sea otters, sea-lions, seals, and humpback and orca whales.

Brooks Falls

Out of all the legendary spots for bear watching, Brooks Falls may be at the top of the list. Odds are you’ve seen the iconic shot of bears swatting for salmon as they jump a short waterfall? That is here at Brooks Falls. Located in the federally-protected Katmai National Park, you’ll arrive and meet with park rangers who will provide a safety briefing. Shortly thereafter, you will be free to explore and access the viewing platforms through walking trails that are strategically placed to view the bears in their natural habitat. From up on the platform, you’ll be able to recreate the iconic bear shot yourself!

Brooks FallsThe Alaskan Exposure

During your stay at Afognak Wilderness Lodge, we will arrange it so you have the best Alaskan true-wilderness experience we can give…with no crowded bear-viewing platforms. Whether that be with the local cuisine we serve, the premier fresh and saltwater fishing opportunities provided around us, or the abundance of land/marine wildlife you are bound to see. Our custom-guided fishing and land/marine wildlife tours, will help you get the photos/videos of a lifetime, to share with those back home for decades.