When it comes to Kodiak freshwater fishing, there are so many different fish to catch including several species of salmon, steelhead, and rainbow trout that any fishing trip is sure to be an exciting one! If you’re planning a trip to our Kodiak Alaska resort so you can enjoy spending time with your line in the water, you should know about the LingCod. This is a highly sought after fish by recreational fishermen that puts up an excellent fight and which provides a very tasty meal. The beautiful, flaky white flesh of this fish has a mild flavor, making it an ideal fish to both bake and grill.

In spite of the name, LingCod are not true cods but are members of the greenling family of fish which includes scorpionfish and sculpins. It is believed that this fish was given its name by early European fishermen who thought the long, thin fish looked with their native ling and had the white flesh of a cod. LingCod have a daunting set of sharp teeth and a large mouth, making them voracious predators that can grow up to 60 inches long and weigh over 80 pounds.

Habitat & Diet

LingCod are bottom-dwellers that are typically found near rock piles and kelp beds. During the fall months, this fish moves from their rocky, steep bottom areas to nearshore areas to spawn. LingCod feeds on invertebrates and many types of fish like herring, salmon, rockfish and Pacific hake. This species especially enjoys eating small octopuses.

LingCod are not only highly sought after by fisherman, but they are also hunted by sea lions and harbor seals. One sea lion or seal can greatly reduce a LingCod population in a fairly large area. A female LingCod can live for many decades, while the males live an average of 13 to 15 years.

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