Cooking salmon preparation.At this point, many people would say the words salmon and fishing in Alaska go hand in hand. For decades, eager anglers have descended on the Kodiak Island area for a shot at snagging their biggest catch yet. The feat of reeling and landing one of Alaska’s coveted Pacific salmon species brings to anglers a sense of accomplishment rivaled only by the act of taking one’s bounty home to feed friends and family. This human instinct is the reason we fish; to help satiate your innate desires, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Alaskan salmon recipes for you to enjoy here and abroad. 

Our Top 4 Alaskan Salmon Recipes

Garlic Butter Baked Salmon

This hearty and easy to make recipe is excellent for the grill. By combining salmon, potatoes, asparagus, and favorite seasonings on one pan, you reduce prep time and the number of dishes to wash. The best part about this Alaskan salmon recipe is that you can substitute the sides with various alternatives. Suggested alternatives include broccoli, green beans, or Brussels sprouts for asparagus; and rice, couscous, or cauliflower for potatoes. 

Honey Garlic Salmon

This sweet and savory dish is a juicy explosion of flavor that will make your taste buds dance. A similar, well-known recipe that uses chicken instead is the inspiration for this Alaskan salmon recipe. The nice part about using salmon is that when it becomes seared, the moisture content tends to remain intact, whereas chicken can become dry if not marinated. Suggested sides: white or brown rice, sauteed green beans, asparagus, or broccoli. 

Greek Salmon

This healthy Alaskan salmon recipe borrows some flavor from the Greeks and can convert into a tasty salad rather easily. The salmon comes together with feta cheese in combination with sweet and zesty vegetables to create an impressive Mediterranean entree suitable for Julius Caesar himself. This recipe is a little more involved, so be sure to put your chef hat on! Suggested sides: Serve with or upon a bed of arugula, spinach, or spring mix.

Foil Packed Grilled Salmon

No list of Alaskan salmon recipes would be complete without at least one foil packed addition to the list. This fun and familiar method is popular amongst anglers, campers, and hikers looking to make an efficient, low-frills meal before winding down after a day in the bush. Suggested sides: baked or grilled potatoes. 

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