It’s not called Afognak Wilderness Lodge for nothing! Located between the northern Pacific Ocean and the remote Alaskan forest, this Incredible slice of heaven known as Afognak Island is home to a vast variety of animals and wildlife. From rare birds to giant bears, the island is a nature lover’s dream come true. Designated as a conservation area in one form or another since 1892, Afognak Island State Park has remained basically untouched. Read on to learn more about just a few of the remarkable creatures that call Afognak Island home.


Kodiak Brown Bear

As one of the most impressive occupants of the area, the Kodiak Brown Bear is the largest bear in the world. According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the bears live only on the islands in the Kodiak area and are enjoying a steady or increasing healthy population. Book your visit to the lodge and view these majestic animals as they fish for salmon in their natural habitat.


Roosevelt Elk

Transferred from Washington State, the Roosevelt Elk made their first appearance on Afognak Island in 1929. Even more exclusive than the Kodiak Brown Bear, the elk can only be found on our island. As grazers, the elk take advantage of the lush Alaskan forest and vegetation.



With an equally incredible amount of soaring species, Afognak Island is a haven for bird watchers and photographers. Featuring an impressive array of Bald Eagle, various Hawks, Ravens, Woodpeckers, and many more, a stay on the island will undoubtedly have you looking to the skies in wonder and appreciation.


Small Game

In addition to the larger mammals that roam the undisturbed island, you will encounter a large population of various fox, beavers, otters, and more!
Be sure to watch your surroundings and get your cameras ready during your stay on Afognak Island! Book your vacation at Afognak Wilderness Lodge and experience the remote beauty of this isolated part of the world.