Sea Mammals Wildlife

Sea Lions

Within a half hour boat trip from the lodge, there’s an island with several hundred sea lion that put on quite a good show, both on their island and in the water, surrounding our boats. It is pretty thrilling as they roar their hearts out… be sure to have plenty of film so you can share your memories when you return home!


Our Seal Bay was not given it’s name without good reason. The females herd up here in May & June to give birth & tend to their pups. While the salmon are running, its not unusual to find seal in the shallow rivers chasing down their next meal.

Sea Otters

Until 1911, the Russians heavily hunted these friendly mammals that are considered to have the most valuable pelts in the world. Their population has nicely recovered from near extinction to multiple thousands and, from our dining room and your guest cabin, some of them are in full view as they crack clam shells open with a rock on their chests.

Various Whales

Killer Whales “king of the sea,” Gray Whales, Humpbacks, Finbacks, Minke all migrate through here and put on quite a show… with 3-40 whales in a pod… which can be seen while out enjoying everything else.


These are equally as friendly as sea otters and can be seen traveling in groups of 6-12. Racing alongside or diving crisscross underneath our boats, is one of the most familiar ways they are seen.