A lone adventurer stands near the end of the pier overlooking the coastal waters of Afognak Island, Alaska.From dense forest terrain to otherworldly coastal panoramas, Afognak Island is among the most beautiful places in Alaska. Upon learning about the second-largest isle of the Kodiak Archipelago, many travelers are surprised to find out that Afognak Wilderness Lodge is the only all-inclusive resort or residence on the state park property. And as a very remote getaway destination, it’s understandable that people might have several questions. To help satiate your curiosity, we put together a quick guide on things to know about Afognak Island, Alaska.

How is the Weather?

One of the first questions people ask themselves when they’re pondering a vacation is, “How is the weather?” The summer temperatures on the Kodiak Archipelago rarely reach more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, making a comfortable environment for outdoor activities. Still, it’s essential to prepare yourself with layers of clothing and wind-resistant apparel. You’ll also experience plenty of daylight during the summer months.

What Kind of Fishing is There on Afognak Island?

As one of the primary reasons people visit the Kodiak Archipelago, it’s crucial to cover fishing. Alaska boasts a gamut of angling opportunities, but only a few are as pure as what’s available on Afognak Island. Our resort offers nearly unfettered access to some of the region’s most pristine waters. Whether you want to cast from shore, trek the streams, or voyage offshore, you’ll find a plethora of prized game fish, including halibut, lingcod, trout, and various Pacific salmon species. What’s more, low tide offers an incredible opportunity to collect clams and other delectable marine invertebrates.

Other Things to Do on Afognak Island

Besides fishing, there are many other things to do on Afognak Island. Guests can immerse themselves in nature’s bounty by going on scenic hikes, gliding across the pristine waters via kayak, combing the beach for natural treasures, or enjoying the seemingly endless wildlife from birds to bears.

Wildlife on Land, Sea, and in the Sky

Another popular draw to Afognak Island is the abundant Alaskan wildlife. While some people will hunt such animals as Sitka deer and brown bear, many people are content to take nothing but memories with photography and wildlife viewing. Although Afognak Island has a vast variety of terrestrial mammals and birds, there is also a wide range of sea mammals, including humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, seals, and otters—to name a few.

The Only All-Inclusive Resort on Afognak Island

Afognak Wilderness Lodge buildings among pine trees.With its abundant wildlife, diverse ecosystems, and outdoor adventures, Afognak Island is integral in making the Kodiak Archipelago a quintessential Alaskan vacation destination. Whether you’re an avid angler or simply love the great outdoors, you’ll find an experience of a lifetime in our neck of the woods! To learn more about our all-inclusive rates, spacious log cabin accommodations, and wild adventures, please visit us online or call 360-799-3250. Let the journey begin!