At Afognak Wilderness Lodge, we’re proud to help guests from all parts experience the rugged beauty of the Kodiak Islands. While much of that can be absorbed from hiking the pristine trails, photographing wildlife, and taking in the power of the landscape, sometimes we all want a more active way to experience nature – and that’s where the magnificent fishing around Kodiak truly shines. Whether you’re a fly fisher or a spin caster, the Kodiak Islands offer the perfect place for an Alaskan fishing experience.


Where to Fish Near Kodiak, AK

Looking for a great fishing spot not far from Kodiak, AK? We can help. Here are our top recommendations for fishing near Kodiak:

  • The Pasagshak River: A local favorite for freshwater fishing, this three-mile long river is a prime location for a variety of salmon and Dolly Varden trout. Those looking for a fly fishing challenge should try conquering the tidal zones in the lower part of the river, but you’ll find great fishing all along the Pasagshak.
  • Mill Bay Beach Park: This beach is easy to access from town and a great option for salmon fishing during the summer. You can fish the ocean straight from the beach or find a small creek on the left side of the beach that teems with salmon in late summer – either way, you’re set for a great fishing day.
  • American River Bridge: The American River is a breeding ground for salmon during the summer, making it a great option for any fishing enthusiast. Once you get to the bridge, look towards the left for an excellent little fishing nook.
  • Buskin River: The Buskin River is one of the best fisheries around Kodiak, and you’ll find it full of coho, sockeye, and pink salmon throughout the summer. The river even features a handicapped-accessible fishing platform, meaning anyone can enjoy fishing on the Buskin.


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The fishing around Kodiak is to die for – but it’s just one part of what makes an Alaska wilderness vacation at Afognak Wilderness Lodge so magical. If you’re interested in experiencing the fishing and the rest of the natural wonders that Kodiak has to offer, we’d love to help you book your next trip to our Kodiak wilderness lodge. Contact us today to learn more about our Kodiak cabin and schedule your trip. We can’t wait to hear from you!