A stunning aerial view of Afognak Island during an Alaska summer vacation.An Alaska summer vacation is hard to come by for many people, that’s why Afognak Wilderness Lodge—the only lodge or residence on Afognak Island—provides an affordable option with no minimum stay for those hoping to discover one of the world’s most unique and beautiful. From fishing to wildlife viewing and many other activities in between, our slice of paradise in the “Last Frontier” offers a seemingly endless number of opportunities for anyone seeking the ultimate adventure. Besides being in an extremely remote location, one of the other noteworthy aspects of staying with Afognak Wilderness Lodge is the ease in which you can explore such an unrivaled destination. Whether it’s an Alaska photo safari at Afognak Island State Park or a saltwater fishing expedition into the North Pacific, Afognak Wilderness Lodge promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. 

Authentic Log Cabins in Alaska

Although our guests will spend plenty of time away from their accommodations, it’s important to recognize that you’ll have much more than a place to sleep during your Alaska summer vacation. With two bedrooms, ample living rooms, and contemporary bathrooms, our spacious guest cabins imbue a unique rustic charm that exemplifies the Kodiak Islands. Embedded within the outskirts of a dense virgin forest, our log cabins offer a tranquil basecamp for discovering your wild side whether you’re a solo traveler or a family of adventurers. Here are a few of the modern features: 

  • 24-hour electricity.
  • Indoor bathroom with instant hot water.
  • Built from hand-hewn local logs by the pioneering Randall family.
  • Bedrooms have wall-to-wall carpeting, queen/twin beds & down comforters.
  • Windows have either a great view of the “enchanted forest” or pristine saltwater cove.
  • Wireless internet & phone available only at the main lodge.

Alaska Summer Vacations | Appreciating Wildlife

Between our boats and our guides, you’ll have unfettered access to the pristine wildlife that resides on our beloved Kodiak Islands. Furthermore, you’ll be amazed at how few mosquitoes there are! From the renowned Kodiak brown bear to an astonishing assortment of temperate rainforest flora, birds, and marine mammals you’ll experience a delightful setting that elegantly showcases Alaska’s rugged beauty. Because of the unique and captivating nature of Afognak Island, you may even find yourself alongside a world-class filming crew! It’s no wonder that so many outdoor enthusiasts agree that the Kodiak Islands are an elite travel destination. 

Kodiak Islands Fishing in Alaska 

One of the biggest reasons for an Alaska summer vacation is the unbelievable fishing opportunities found within almost every nook and cranny. And from it’s magnificent coastline to the vast ocean that surrounds it, Afognak Island is no exception. Whether you wish to target highly sought salmonids like steelhead trout and king salmon from shore or giant halibut and delectable flounder from the safety of a large fishing boat, you’ll uncover a myriad of prized species.

All-Inclusive Alaska Vacations: The Ultimate Summer Retreat

Alaska summer vacations are a bucket list item for many outdoor enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for the first accommodations you find online. Afognak Wilderness Lodge provides the perfect setting for everyone from natural resource conservationists to anglers and everyone in between. There are several excellent reasons to embark on a wilderness retreat, but perhaps the most important is the lasting memories you’ll create along the way. For more information or to make reservations, please reach out to us online or call 360-799-3250 today!