Afognak Island: Two young deer drink water from a puddle of seasonal runoff at Afognak Island State Park.

One of the biggest draws to Alaska is its vast and wonderful nature. One of those amazing natural attractions is the Afognak Island State Park. There is more than enough space to explore and get to know the local wilderness, with more than 120,000 acres. Still, with all of that adventuring ahead, you’ll need a place to unwind and rest, which is where Afognak Wilderness Lodge comes in. We are within the Kodiak Islands and Afognak Island and offer excellent fishing options, wildlife viewing, and hiking excursions. 

Continue reading below for compelling reasons to visit one of the best attractions nearby: Afognak Island State Park.

Most of The Park Is Undeveloped

Those who love the unknown will fall head over heels for the mostly untouched landscapes in Afognak Island State Park. The park has a rocky, rough topography and offers incredibly unique views. It’s a great place for those interested in photography. We offer a Kayaking Photography Tour in the state park that will allow you to view the wildlife from a safe distance and get stunning photos.

Diverse Wildlife

In the state park, you can spot many of the majestic creatures that people associate with Alaska, and you might find some unique animals you’ve never heard of before. For instance, you can see the Kodiak Brown Bear, Sitka Blacktail Deer, Roosevelt Elk, Fox, Marten, and Ermine. The park is also a playground for avid bird watchers

Fishing And Hunting

Hunting and fishing opportunities are another major draw to Alaska and Afognak Island State Park. Due to its enormous size, there are plenty of pockets for hunting various mammals. If you are interested in fishing, we offer trips for freshwater fish in the state park and saltwater fishing trips on Kodiak Island.

Set Out And Explore Afognak Island State Park

There’s plenty to see and do in Afognak Island State Park, so prepare for adventure. The best way to get the most out of your trek is to book directly with Afognak Wilderness Lodge. Please visit us online today to find out more and reserve your accommodations.