Turn your great Alaskan vacation into more than just a fishing trip. Stay at the remote and beautiful Afognak Wilderness Lodge and experience an incredible variety of wildlife. The unique location on Afognak Island means that you will witness a plethora of wildlife only found at this exclusive Alaska wilderness lodge.


It’s what most people come to Alaska for – the prized game fish! Sockeye Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling and so much more, we have them all. Book a stay at our lodge, and we will show you all the best nearby spots to cast your line.

In addition to the vast array of exquisite freshwater fish, this unique Alaska wilderness lodge provides guests with the ability to experience saltwater fishing on the waters of the northern Pacific Ocean. Summertime fishing trips on this breathtaking body of water will be fun and unforgettable. Fish for Halibut, Sea Bass, Red Snapper, Flounder, and so many more highly sought-after species.

Sea Mammals

While fishing may be synonymous with Alaska, not much is more exhilarating than watching a whale break through the surface of the Ocean waves and fly majestically through the air. Get yourself a front row seat to the show and witness Killer, Grey, Humpback, Finback, and Minke Whales as they traverse these remote waters.

Along with whale watching, keep your eyes open for some of the island’s smaller water-dwelling mammals. With hundreds of Sea Lions, Seals, Porpoises, and Sea Otters, it will feel like you’ve stepped into the frames of a nature documentary. Bring your camera and observe these friendly animals in their natural habitat.

Sea Birds

The waters surrounding Afognak Island are also home to a large selection of off-shore birds. While out on the water don’t be surprised if you see some Tufted and Horned Puffins, Loons, Sea Gulls, Auklets, and more!
The abundance of unique wildlife at this Alaska wilderness lodge is truly unmatched. Now is your chance to view these majestic creatures up close and create a remarkable and memorable experience. If you are a lover of aquatic animal life, both big and small, then book your trip now to Afognak Wilderness Lodge!