Family of bears.Imagine, you’ve just pulled your luggage from the floatplane. Preoccupied with making sure you have everything, you don’t immediately notice the misty mountain forest that surrounds you. Your family is slow to make their way out of the aircraft, but as they step outside, their faces begin to glow and you are reminded why you booked a Kodiak Islands vacation. After dropping your gear on the ground, you pull out your phone and notice you have no service. You smile and think to yourself, “Perfect.” 

Your Kodiak Lodge in the Afognak Island State Park

Here is where we’ll help you get situated by providing you with a Wi-Fi login and information about the surrounding area. As the only lodge or residence in the Afognak Island State Park, you’ll be able to experience a genuinely remote Alaska family vacation. With room for up to twelve guests, reliable satellite television, phone, and fax machine, you’ll be connected when you need to be. We’ll also get you prepared for any guided fishing or wildlife viewing you’ve signed up for, serve you hearty local fare, and supply you with a packed lunch for when you’re out in the bush.

Your Kodiak Cabin

All of our cabins are hand-built from local logs and feature modern indoor bathrooms with 24-hour electricity, hot water, rooms with twin or queen-sized beds, and down comforters. All the windows have views of either the majestic forest or a pristine seascape and cove. What better way to relax after an eventful day of wildlife viewing, fishing, or countless other adventures? After all, being energized is essential for each new outing on this Kodiak Islands vacation. 

Surround Yourself in Alaskan Wilderness

You decide to walk around for a few minutes to soak up the pristine atmosphere, before meeting with your guide this morning. Afognak Island is home to some of the most captivating animals that inhabit the air, land, and sea of this picturesque environment. You see a fast movement in your periphery and look over just in time to see a bald eagle snag a salmon from the ocean, with its talons gripping the fish as water drips off it. Your eyes follow the bird of prey up to her perch, where she begins devouring her bounty. Without even stepping foot into the deep Alaskan wilderness, you are reminded why you came here. 

Your Kodiak Islands Vacation at Afognak Wilderness Lodge 

While fishing is a big reason for our guests to visit, you’ll soon find out that we’re more than a Kodiak Islands fishing lodge. Anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world come to Alaska to find something new and inspiring to add to their life experiences. Pristine wilderness, abundant habitat, and mindful resource management practices are just a few reasons why Afognak Island is an elite outdoor destination. Every family deserves an Alaskan vacation, and Afognak Wilderness Lodge is here to help you make the most of it. Please call us at 1-360-799-3250 or visit our website to book your stay today!