The thrill of saltwater fishing off the Alaskan coast is something every avid angler should experience in their lifetime. The vast open sea, a wide variety of fish, and the ongoing challenge are just a few rewards you’ll find when you hop aboard Kodiak fishing charters. At Afognak Wilderness Lodge, we have the advantage over inland destinations thanks to our productive local waters. And the impressive array of species you can target only makes our all-inclusive Alaska fishing trip packages much more enticing. From bottom fish like halibut to salmon varieties, ling-cod, yellow-eye & sea bass, we have it all! It’s hard to find a rush that matches launching out into Seal Bay in search of the ultimate sport fishing experience.

The Kodiak Islands Advantage

As the only permanent residence and lodge in the Afognak Island State Park, we have an actual advantage over many other locations. Not only will you be able to access waters that others would dream of, but you will likely not see anyone else out here. What’s more, there is a healthy variety of sea life outside of the fish, including whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters, land otters, and marine birds. Talk about an experience of a lifetime! Our guides know all the secret spots and are eager to show you why we’re among the apex of Kodiak fishing charters.

Kodiak Island Fishing: A Bountiful Endeavor

Adding to the authentic Alaskan fishing experience, you’ll haul the same world-class seafood we prepare at the lodge. And we pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled outdoor adventure on land and water! We invite you to find out what makes Afognak Wilderness Lodge a premier destination for your Alaskan retreat.