Kayaking In Kodiak, Alaska

Kodiak, Alaska is nothing short of amazing for anyone who wants to experience nature in its greatest form. One of the best ways to explore Kodiak is by kayak. You will be able to get up close and personal with the fantastic natural surroundings, the animals that graciously share their habitats with our visitors, and you can take amazing and memorable wildlife photos. At the Afognak Wilderness Lodge, our team will supply you with the equipment, knowledge, and advice for a one of a kind kayaking experience. Kayaking your way through Kodiak, Alaska will be different than any other previous kayaking trip. What are you waiting for? Call the Afognak Wilderness Lodge today!

Shot of a young couple kayaking on a lake outdoors

Wildlife & Photography

If you enjoy seeing wildlife firsthand, you will love Kodiak, Alaska. Kayaking throughout the area will allow you to not only see the beautiful land animals from a different perspective near the shore, but also to glimpse some marvellous sea creatures! In Kodiak, you can see seals, otters, various types of whales, porpoises, the Kodiak brown bear, elks, deers, beavers, various types of birds, and so much more. From our Kodiak lodge, we can direct you to specific kayaking locations for animals and wildlife photography. Many of our guests enjoy and travel to Kodiak, Alaska because of the photo opportunities. Kayaking this area is made easy for photographers, everything and every creature is a beautiful photo opportunity. And, we make it even easier with kayaking photo tours. Come explore Kodiak via kayak!

We’ve Got You Covered!

Don’t be worried about renting a kayak or kayaking gear, the staff at Afognak Wilderness Lodge will prepare you for your kayaking adventures. If you’re a seasoned kayaker, great! If not, no problem. Our staff can assist at any level and make sure you are ready to explore. We will show you the best of Kodiak, Alaska by kayak. You can feel confident with our staff, after all, we are kayaking and Kodiak experts.

Call To Book Your Kayaking Adventure!

If you want to explore this gorgeous region via kayak, there is no better place to stay than Afognak Wilderness Lodge. Our team will make you feel right at home in our lodge or cabins. And, we have the personal experience to give you a one of a kind adventure. Come see the beautiful scenery and majestic animals first hand, book your trip to Kodiak, Alaska today! Call our team directly or fill out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!