Person hiking through forest.Hiking in Alaska is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the unscathed pristine beauty offered by this magnificent state. Just north of Kodiak Island, Afognak Island has approximately 75,000 acres of protected wilderness that makes the perfect destination for any Alaskan vacation. Located in a very remote area, Afognak Wilderness Lodge has served as the ultimate basecamp for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a taste of the wild. Being the only lodge or residence on the island certainly has its perks. As such, we want to invite you to stay with us to explore this sacred treasure we call home. 

What to Expect at Afognak Island State Park

After a brief walk around the property, it doesn’t take long to realize how special this place is. Hiking in Alaska has become a highly sought after experience for those hoping to connect with nature like never before. In 1892 Afognak Island was one of the nation’s first protected conservation zones. Originally assigned as the Afognak Forest and Fish Culture Reserve, the island lends itself to a dynamic and diverse array of birds, fish, and mammal species. Craggy topographic features, dense Sitka spruce forests, and iconic waterways exemplify Afognak Island and provide its visitors with a glance into a seemingly endless biosphere. 

What to Wear While Hiking in Alaska

Like anyplace, the weather in Alaska can sometimes be unpredictable. Even on sunny days, it’s advisable to have a rain jacket or poncho, extra clothes, gloves, and a hat, as temperatures and forecasts can change drastically with little notice. As far as your feet are concerned, you’ll want flexible, lightweight shoes or boots with excellent ankle support. Because there are no groomed trails, it’s not always easy to see what you’re stepping on, so ankle protection is crucial. Many of the walking paths may  be extremely wet or muddy, so waterproof footwear is highly recommended. 

Dressing in layers is a common practice while hiking in Alaska. Fabrics that can wick moisture are the ideal base layer. On days with a lot of sun, fast-drying long sleeve shirts are the way to go. They dry quickly, but they can also offer sun protection without making you too hot. Expedition weight long underwear is advisable for insulating your body, while breathable, waterproof garb is what you’ll want for your outside layer. 

Alaskan Vacations with Afognak Wilderness Lodge

Afognak Wilderness Lodge has everything you need to get the most out of your Alaskan vacation. From our wholesome amenities to belly-filling meals, Afognak Wilderness Lodge is your basecamp for adventure and excitement. For more information on how we may facilitate your Alaskan vacation, please reach out to us online or call 360-799-3250. The wilderness awaits your arrival!