Here at Afognak Wilderness Lodge, within the Kodiak Islands, we offer more than just a relaxing place to stay. While our guest cabins are cozy, they also allow you to immerse yourself in the middle of pristine Mother Nature. There’s a wealth of wildlife on and around Afognak Island, such as bears, seals, elk, deer, birds, fish, and one of our personal favorites – sea otters.

Sea Otters

Sea otters are the second smallest sea mammal, and actually are members of the weasel family. Unlike most marine mammals, sea otters do not have any sort of blubber, instead relying on their fur to keep them warm. These animals actually have the densest fur in existence, coming in at up to one million hairs per square inch of skin. It’s no wonder they are able to survive the cool ocean temperatures. In order to maintain their clean fur, they spend a few hours per day grooming themselves.


Sea otters eat sea life, including urchins, mussels, crabs, and clams. In fact, while here, it’s most likely that you’ll see a sea otter cracking clam shells open with rocks. Sea otters eat quite a bit of food in order to make up for their abnormally high metabolisms. In fact, they eat about 25% of their weight in food every day.

Sea otters are a smart breed… one of 3 acknowledged creations, besides humans, that use tools (along with monkeys & the Archer fish).  Sea otters use rocks to break open crustacean shells on their chests for their inner goodies. They are also found diving up to 330 feet for such specialties.

Where To Find Them

Sea otters are most commonly found in shallow, Alaskan waters, so if you want to see one, you’re in luck! Be sure to look out for groups of otters, as they normally eat, rest and sleep in groups, also known as rafts. An adorable bonus fun fact: you’ll commonly see sea otters holding hands while sleeping or they’ll throw a piece of rooted bull-kelp over themselves, so as not to drift away from one another. Sea otters are out on the water at all hours, so be on the lookout whenever you’re boating or kayaking!

Vast Wildlife At Afognak Wilderness Lodge

Sea otters are just some of the fascinating animals that you can find when in Kodiak, Alaska, lodging at Afognak Wilderness Lodge. If you are ready to have a unique and cozy experience, contact us today. Whether you enjoy looking out for wildlife, kayaking, fishing, or simply lounging – you’re sure to be entertained here! We look forward to seeing you soon, as do our local sea otters!