At our Kodiak Alaska fishing lodge, we have good fresh and saltwater fly fishing, which includes three of the five major species of salmon. These salon run between late-May and late-September, making our lodge a top destination for fisherman who want the variety of both fresh and deep-sea fishing. In this blog, we’ll discuss what’s to come at Afognak Wilderness Lodge during the late summer and fall months, characterized by the return of the Humpback/”pink” salmon, Coho/”silver” salmon, and Dolly Varden.

August & September

After the sockeye salmon and freshwater king salmon peak in June and July, the Humpback/pink and Coho/silver salmon begin their migration up the estuaries to the streams. By August, fisherman can expect to catch tons of these salmon, quickly reaching the daily-limit with sore arms by the days end. No matter what your skill level is, the pink salmon are willing biters and travel in thousands, making it simple to enjoy the marvels of Alaska fishing.

In late-July, throughout August & September, the Coho/”Silvers” run begins, which present a bigger challenge than the “pink” salmon. More experienced anglers can thrive catching these hard-fighting salmon, especially once the humpies die out. At our lodge, the numbers of coho tend to peak a bit earlier, with large numbers populating the waters in the middle of August and early September.

Finally, one of our trout varieties, the dolly varden, make their return from the ocean to the streams. Because the other salmon are beginning their reproduction, known as spawning, the dollies can stay stay behind and target the eggs of unborn salmon. After the spawning season ends, it’s best to use fresh flies such as the two-egg omelet and egg sucking flesh fly to catch the dollies.

We provide fishing gear for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, welcoming anglers of all levels to join the fun around the island. However, if you have your own salmon gear, feel free to bring it with you to use during your stay!

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