An Alaskan adventurer harvests chicken of the woods from a tree in the forest.Showcasing an incredible 700 square miles of vast backcountry, Afognak Island is the second largest of the Kodiak Archipelago. With only 39 permanent inhabitants, it’s safe to say much of the isle is relatively unscathed. Afognak Wilderness Lodge is a desirable adventure destination because of the many ways you can immerse yourself in nature’s bounty. There are just so many things to do in Alaska! Foraging in the woods is a rite of passage for many outdoor enthusiasts, so that’s why we’ll be looking at some of the edible forest plants found right in our backyard.

Things to Know Before You Start Eating Edible Forest Plants

The first thing you’ll want to consider before you start foraging edible forest plants is that some specimens can be unsafe for consumption. While it may not be something you’d typically have to think about, there are some poisonous plants you should keep away from your palate. So while Alaska certainly has a natural buffet, you’ll need to be careful!

Delectable Edibles near Afognak Wilderness Lodge

The beautiful and remote Afognak Island is an Alaskan jewel. You will feel a palpable sense of adventure the moment you arrive, following the footsteps of those before you. Take the journey one step further with these edible forest plants.

  • Red salmonberries and Russian orange berries are raspberry varieties with distinct flavors. Both can be made into jams and jellies, but you may want to eat them immediately!
  • Blueberries on Afognak Island come in two varieties; high-bush in the lowlands and low-bush in the alpine areas. We’ve picked up to two-hundred pounds in one season!
  • Although they’re technically not plants, there are two edible varieties of mushrooms–hedgehog and chicken of the woods. Hedgehog mushrooms have a sweet, earthy taste. In contrast, chicken of the woods has a succulent flavor that resembles white meat.
  • Fiddle ferns are best to eat in their early stages. The unrivaled sprouts are a keen addition to any salad.
  • Chamomile is a perennial herb that’s a popular tea ingredient known for its use as a sleep aid and medicinal qualities. 
  • Sea lettuce is a bright green kelp plant that washes up on shore, and you can use it in salads after rinsing.
  • You can find wild peas growing where grasslands and sandy beaches converge. Their sweet vegetal taste offers a familiar flavor.

Afognak Island All-Inclusive Alaska Resort Packages

A rustic cabin at Afognak Wilderness Lodge.After discovering some of the edible forest plants in Alaska while roaming the trails, retreat to Afognak Wilderness Lodge to sample your treats. Our lodge accommodates 12 guests, making it the perfect size for friends and families who want to reconnect with nature and each other. The three cabins are authentically rustic, and the hearty and delicious dinners served in the main lodge will provide the energy you need for your next adventure! Give us a call at 360-799-3250 to learn more about how Afognak Wilderness Lodge can deliver an all-inclusive Alaskan experience you’ll never forget!