A fascinating image of a bear in the woods portraying the adventures of the best books about Alaska.So you’re thinking about taking an Alaska vacation to Afognak Island? Before your trip, you can get a feel for the immaculate landscapes, pristine ecosystems, and stunning wildlife by indulging in some of the best books about Alaska. Just because Afognak Wilderness Lodge is closed for the season doesn’t mean you can’t mentally prepare yourself by reading about Alaska wildlife adventures and travelogues. Afognak Island is a densely forested, remote location that offers unparalleled freedom and a bevy of outdoor activities like fishing and nature photography. Our semi-mountainous slice of paradise lends itself to creating immersive experiences like those we read in the best books about Alaska. Every traveler should want to learn about the places they are visiting before arriving, so we put together a small collection of three of our favorites revolving around “The Last Frontier.”

The 3 Best Books About Alaska

Given the abundance of natural beauty found in Alaska, it’s no surprise that so many writers, artists, and musicians travel here to gain inspiration. As a result, choosing from a wide variety of literary excellence is no easy task. Without further delay, here are some of our favorites.

One Man’s Wilderness

Written by Sam Keith, “One Man’s Wilderness” is a best-selling memoir derived from the journals of Richard Proenneke. This inspirational tribute to one of the last true frontiersmen details the day-to-day challenges and musings of a man living off the land as he seeks balance with the world around him. Not only does “One Man’s Wilderness” provide an intimate look at life off the grid, but also direct first-hand knowledge from a master survivalist. 

The Snow Child

“The Snow Child” is a fictional tale about a young married couple who try their hand at homesteading in Alaska circa 1920. Needless to say, it’s not easy, and the newlyweds begin to drift apart. Desperate to rekindle their relationship and create any semblance of human interaction, the couple builds a child out of snow. The morning after her inception, the snow child has disappeared, but the couple begins seeing glimpses of a blonde girl running throughout the surrounding woodlands as time carries on. Eventually, they meet the fair-skinned girl and begin to love her as their own. However, what they soon learn about will change all of them forever.

The Call of the Wild

Quite possibly the most iconic and quintessential best books about Alaska, Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild” is a must-read masterpiece for anyone going on an Alaska vacation. Buck—a “southland” dog—is transported to Alaska to haul supplies during the Klondike Gold Rush. What ensues is a gripping story about the brutal life of a dog who must decide between living side by side with humans or returning to the wilderness. 

Experience Beautiful Alaska For Yourself

The most intriguing aspect of reading some of the best books about Alaska is that you’ll notice some of the many nuances found within our favorite stories upon your arrival. So why not live out an Alaska wilderness adventure on Afognak Island? There’s no better basecamp with rustically elegant cabins, sprawling virgin forest, and seaside tranquility than Afognak Wilderness Lodge. For more information or to make your reservation, please visit us online or call 360-799-3250.