A vacation to Alaska is a great opportunity to learn all kinds of Fun Facts About The Kodiak Brown Bear, as well as many other types of animals, such as the Kodiak Red Fox, the River Otter, & the Snowshoe Hare.

That being said, when you visit Alaska, chances are you might see a brown bear or two. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know what to do when you see one, and you’ll find out what behaviors and safety measures you should follow to stay safe around these beautiful—but potentially dangerous—wild animals.

Bear Safety 101

Brown bears and humans can easily coexist, but it’s important to keep your distance and know what to do in case you encounter a bear. Here are a few tips and tricks for dealing with bear encounters.

Never Approach Bears

Be sure to give the bears plenty of space. A bear may feel threatened and go into defense mode if you try to get closer to it. Even more, don’t approach bear cubs. While they may look cute and cuddly, make no mistake—the mother grizzly is nearby and she will not hesitate to protect her cubs in the face of a potential threat (aka humans).

Don’t Feed the Bears

We feel the need to include this safety tip because although it may seem obvious, time and time again, we hear stories of hikers or other visitors trying to feed the bears. This is problematic for several reasons. First, bears are natural hunters and will do just fine finding fish out in the many streams we have. Secondly, if a bear learns that he can obtain food from people, he may go back to that same spot later, expecting to find food. This presents a danger to people, and it endangers the bear, too. So let the bears be.

What to Do if You See A Bear

Don’t panic! That sounds great and all, but we know that it’s easier said than done. In the event that the bear notices you, face the bear in a calm manner, and try to appear larger by waving your hands over your head on standing next to others if you’re with a group. Eventually, step back carefully. If the bear moves toward you, stop and hold your ground. Repeat this process until you make it back to safety.

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