Man holding a fish in AlaskaAlaska fishing is world-famous for a reason—more than one, actually. Alaska is gorgeous, the fish are plentiful, and there are a wide variety of fishing styles to try. You can fly fish from the banks of a rushing river, wade in a babbling stream, or hit the ocean for the excitement of saltwater fishing. Our island give you access to some of the best saltwater and freshwater fish in Alaska. Because Afognak Wilderness Lodge is the only lodge on the island, our local waters remain pristine and untouched, so everyone who goes fishing here leaves with the best catch of their lives. Here’s everything you need to know about our incredible Alaska fishing lodges.

Best Time to Fish in Alaska

Summer is the best time to fish in Alaska, and our Afognak Island wilderness lodge is open from the first of June through mid-September. Take advantage of the longer and warmer days by getting outdoors and catching one of the abundant trophy fish in Alaska. When you stay with us, you don’t have to worry about researching the different seasons. We’ll gather your information when you book, and we’ll have your Alaska fishing license available upon your arrival. No muss, no fuss, just fishing and terrific land and marine wildlife viewing.

All-Inclusive Alaska Fishing

Our all-inclusive rate includes your accommodations, meals, rain gear and knee-high boots, U.S. Coast Guard licensed guides, fresh and saltwater fishing gear, and fish cleaning.

With everything you’ll need included in one price, you can focus on enjoying your vacation and catching the best fish in Alaska.

Best Places to Fish in AlaskaMan going Alaska fishing

Our professional guides will show you all the best places to fish in Alaska, from freshwater streams to the open ocean. They’re experts at traversing the lush Afognak Island wilderness, and they’ll show you the most remote corners of Alaska. These undisturbed parts of Afognak Island hold the many different species of fish in Alaska. Expect to see anything from sockeye salmon to rainbow trout and much more.

#1 Alaska Fishing Lodge

The Afognak Island wilderness is dream-worthy. Tall spruce forests, majestic wildlife, freshwater and saltwater fishing, and more make our part of Alaska a must-see. Experience authentic Alaska fishing and a serene wilderness retreat at our lodge and cabins. Call 360-799-3250 to make your reservation.