If you’re planning a vacation in Kodiak, Alaska, you’re in for a wonderful time as this part of the state offers a diverse range of wildlife and grand adventures in a natural setting that is a sight to behold! At Afognak Wilderness Lodge, we offer visitors to Afognak Island a one-of-a-kind experience. When you stay at our comfortable lodge, you’ll be surrounded by an abundance of land and marine wildlife, including the river otter.

Habitat and Physical Characteristics

The North American river otter can be found all across Alaska, except for the Aleutian Islands. It is the thickest animal with short legs. The river otter has small ears, a very muscular body and hind feet that are webbed. An adult river otter can weigh up to 35 pounds and be up to 60 inches in length. The fur of the River otter is black/brown with the underside being slightly lighter than the rest of the body. River otters have a keen sense of both smell and hearing, although their vision is not very good, though it may be better underwater.


As fast, graceful and efficient swimmers, river otters thrive on a variety of marine life including shrimp, mussels, clams, frogs, fish, sea urchins and octopus. When on land, river otters feast on snails, vegetation and occasionally birds and mammals.

Socialization & Behavior

River otters love to socialize as young animals are often seen frolicking and playing with rocks and sticks. They also have been spotted playing hide-and-seek, wrestling, sliding on snow or mud and dunking each other underwater. River otters are often found in groups with each family of animals sticking together when traveling over an area of only a few square miles. The adult female in the family dominates the rest and may drive other animals away from her den if she has pups to protect.

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