Wrestling bears are a prime example of the immaculate Alaskan wildlife.

While fishing is undoubtedly a big draw for our guests, one of the most precious amenities offered by Afognak Island is the abundance of Alaskan wildlife that share their land and water with us. Summer months are also an excellent time for wildlife viewing in our diverse & well populated area. From foraging brown bears to migrating whales, Afognak Island is home to a vast assortment.

Observing Alaskan Animals on Afognak Island

Now, it wouldn’t be overly difficult to get out, with or without a pair of binoculars, and take a gander at the many wildlife species. We want to help you make the most of your Alaskan vacation, so we put together a few guidelines on viewing the Alaskan wildlife on Afognak Island.  

Research Your Subjects

Before you arrive, make a list of some of the species you want to see and then do some research to become familiar with their behavioral tendencies. Birdwatching may require you to rise before the sun; meanwhile, scouring the alpine meadows for deer will likely result in you being out before sunset. Seasonal behaviors can change too, especially at the end of summer as many animals and birds migrate or hibernate in the winter.

Gear Up

While observing the Alaskan wildlife isn’t as technically rigorous as fishing, there are a few tools that will maximize your experience. The animals on Afognak Island are not tame and will protect themselves as they see fit. More likely than not, this involves them running off into the forest, but it’s always better to play it safe. Even an economy pair of binoculars will ensure a close-up vantage point of the animals, but more crucially, it promotes an undisturbed environment for these beloved creatures. Weather can change throughout the day, so bring layers that you can add & subtract if necessary. Maps also play a vital role in navigation and marking areas where you’ve seen animal presence or activity. Finally, although highly unlikely, there is no harm in packing a canister of bear spray if one becomes too curious for comfort.

Leave No Trace

Part of what makes Afognak Wilderness Lodge an elite choice for an Alaskan vacation is the pristine natural environment which we inhabit. No matter how accustomed you have become to the Alaskan wildlife, it’s critical to remember that these are wild animals and rely heavily on their instincts to protect themselves and their offspring. The best way to enjoy these cherished assets is to witness them without leaving a trace, whether it be audibly, visually, or otherwise. 

Alaskan Wildlife Adventures on Afognak Island

As one of the most remote destinations within the Kodiak Islands, Afognak Island is chuck-full of native flora and fauna that exemplifies the region. It’s no wonder why so many anglers, nature photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts seek the tranquil serenity found at our wilderness resort. With modern lodging and amenities, Afognak Wilderness Lodge is poised to give you the rest and comfort you deserve after a day of exploration and excitement. Please feel free to contact us online or call 360-799-3250 to learn more about how we can facilitate your Alaskan vacation.