A mother bear with cubs is something your children will love if you come to Alaska with your kids.As the holiday season continues, many of us are pondering what type of gifts to enjoy with the whole family. Vacations often seem to be the best option as they provide the perfect opportunity to spend time with each other while experiencing something new, and Alaska is no exception! Now, some young families out there may be apprehensive about taking a trip to Alaska with kids. Still, there isn’t much to worry about when you stay at Afognak Wilderness Lodge.

Create Lasting Memories: An Alaska Trip with Kids

Alaska family vacations are something you and your loved ones will never forget. What’s more, Afognak Island presents a unique experience—even for The Last Frontier! From exciting fishing trips to kayak exploration, our slice of paradise offers a wide range of options. With so many different adventures to choose from, it’s no surprise that many families return after their first visit. Part of what separates going to Alaska with kids compared to other destinations is the opportunity to show your young ones something new they may not find anywhere else. Whether it’s the snow-covered mountains, majestic wildlife, or the Northern Lights, your children are sure to be filled with amazement and wonder!

3 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Alaska

To say your heart will fill with joy while watching your kids is somewhat of an understatement. There is plenty for families to see and do on Afognak Island, even for the youngest adventurers. Here are a few reasons why youngsters fall in love with Alaska.

  • Watching animals in their natural habitat is exciting for grown-ups, so imagine how thrilled your kids will be when they witness bears, whales, and bald eagles like they’ve never seen!
  • From tots to teens, kids who yearn for excitement will never face a dull moment on Afognak Island! From simple walks along the shore to hiking through the vast forest, our neck of the woods presents seemingly endless escapades the entire family will remember.
  • If your kids have never gone fishing, Alaska is an excellent place to start! Afognak Island will get your kids hooked on angling from the open ocean to pristine freshwater streams!

Afognak Island: The Best Family Trip to Alaska

As any visitor to the Kodiak Islands will tell you, this gorgeous section of Alaska presents many otherworldly opportunities. And from their first big catch to the chance to see a bear outside of the zoo, going to Alaska with kids can be a memorable and rewarding journey. For more information on how you and your family can find out for yourself, please reach out to us online or call 360-799-3250 today!