A bearded and burley fisherman smiles while holding up a king salmon during his Alaska fishing vacation.Anglers usually don’t have many chances for their favorite pastime in winter unless they live in a warm climate or go ice fishing. A lack of opportunity is often the most significant limiting factor followed by winter obligations and responsibilities—like holidays and hunting. No matter the hurdles, there are more than a couple of ways to keep yourself busy during the offseason as you eagerly await your Alaska fishing vacation. Although many all-inclusive resorts in Alaska are closed for the winter, that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about the upcoming Alaska fishing season at Afognak Wilderness Lodge on the Kodiak Islands. Whether you’ll be trying out ice fishing for the first time or watching every Alaska fishing video on the internet, we put together a few ideas to make the wait more comfortable. Below are some ways to stay busy during the offseason.

Get into Ice Fishing

If you’ve never drilled a hole into hard water in search of walleye, pike, and panfish, an ice fishing weekend could be just the fix you need as you anticipate your Alaska fishing vacation. Talk to some of your fishing buddies or bait shops about the surrounding ice fishing scene to see if you can get some leads. Unfortunately, ice fishing isn’t available everywhere in the winter, so you may have to travel north to find the best lakes. If you really can’t wait for tight lines, there is plenty of excellent ice on the Kodiak Islands!

Watch a Few Fishing Videos

One of the greatest gifts the world wide web has given anglers is a seemingly endless pile of fishing videos to sift through for tips, techniques, and unique locations. Contrary to popular thought, there is no shortage of talented fishermen and women willing to document their successes and failures for entertainment and education. There’s plenty of valuable information for you online, from weekly spotlights at unknown locations to demonstrations and guides. Maybe your Alaska fishing vacation will inspire you to start your own YouTube fishing channel!

Dig into Your Alaska Fishing Vacation

We’ve all been there. You book an extended vacation or getaway with an outfitter well in advance. You take a look at your calendar shortly after that and figure you have plenty of time to get things in order before your trip. Next thing you know, your vacation is quickly approaching, and you’ve done very little beyond booking accommodations and purchasing plane tickets. Take it easy on yourself by taking time to iron out the finer details of your getaway. Taking care of everything all at once can be unmanageable, so just take it one day at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be arriving at Afognak Island.

Alaska Lodge Vacation Packages on the Kodiak Islands

Two otters swimming.Alaska fishing vacations are an extraordinary experience that every outdoor enthusiast should experience in their lifetime. From wildlife viewing to breathtaking hikes into Afognak Island State Park, there is a bevy of other outdoor recreation opportunities on the Kodiak Islands besides fishing. No matter how you spend your days, you’ll find yourself in amazement every step of the way. For more information or to make a reservation at our Alaska wilderness lodge, please visit us online or call 360-799-3250.