For many anglers, Alaska is at the top of their bucket lists for fishing trip destinations. With such a hearty variety of trophy fish and waters that lie in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, it is easy to see why. The unique location of our wilderness lodge also allows anglers to experience a couple of different fishing excursions that you can’t find anywhere else. One of our favorite fishing adventures here at Afognak Wilderness Lodge is our freshwater fishing, and we want to tell you just why!

Serene, Bountiful, And Beautiful

There are very few places that you can fish for salmon, rainbow trout, dolly varden, and steelheads all in the same area and not “bump elbows” with fellow anglers. The waters that our seasoned guides take guests to for freshwater fishing around our wilderness lodge are perfect for bountiful fishing trips that often produce your daily limits and then some. We can easily find the best spots where the fish are hanging out each time we hit the water making it easier to target specific species and fish to your heart’s content. Many of our guests enjoy catching a few to take home and simply catching and releasing for the rest of the day just to enjoy reeling in another challenging catch.

Perfect For Any Preference

One of the best aspects of freshwater fishing is that you don’t always need to be in the boat. Fly fishing is an exciting experience that takes you out of the boat and wading into the waters on foot. Afognak Wilderness Lodge will provide you with all the needed gear to have the most success and give helpful pointers on finessing the species you want to target. Offshore fishing is also an exciting excursion in our freshwaters because our guides can position you right over the honey holes.

Afognak Island Freshwater Fishing

Our location is ideal for freshwater fishing as our wilderness lodge sits in the middle of some of the most abundant bodies of freshwater in Kodiak. Anglers that visit our Alaskan wilderness lodge love the fact they can reel in fantastic catches every trip and take them home with our airline boxes to enjoy with those back at home. There is nothing quite like a freshwater fishing adventure with us at Afognak Wilderness Lodge. Are you ready to cast your lines?