On Afognak Island, we are lucky to share the land with some awe-inspiring Alaskan wildlife. One of the amazing creatures you can see while lodging on Afognak Island is the magnificent Roosevelt Elk, the largest kind of elk in North America.


The Roosevelt Elk has a unique coloration different than that of other elk. Roosevelt Elk have a dark brown neck, a tan body, and a white rump patch. In the spring, they will have a lighter, reddish summer coat and in the fall, they will produce a coat that is darker and denser for winter.

Roosevelt Elk have a larger, stronger body than Rocky Mountain Elk which allows them to swim, break through deep snow and climb to high elevations. This makes them greatly adapted to the Afognak Island winter habitat.

Adult Roosevelt Elk (bulls) mature to be 875 pounds, 5 feet tall at the shoulder, and 8 to 9 feet in length, on average. Bulls also have antlers that are thick with vertical points and a three-point tip. Their antlers can average 4 feet in length. Adult female Roosevelt Elk (cows) average 700 pounds.


Roosevelt Elk live off a diet of plants like shrubs, grasses and berries. They will adapt their plant-based diets depending on what’s available during the season.


These elk have one of their two Alaskan homes here on our Afognak Island.  They were introduced to this area in 1928. If you’re staying at the Afognak Wilderness Lodge, you’ll have a good chance of spotting some Roosevelt Elk. Until early June, the elk are down at lower elevations. As summer progresses, you’ll have to do some hiking, as the elk move to higher ground during this season. Herd numbers range from 40 to 100 animals, providing a majestic spectacle!

See Elk & More While Lodging In Kodiak

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