At Afognak Lodge, we offer a beautiful view, classy accommodations and plenty of wilderness adventures. From our fresh and saltwater fishing trips to unforgettable nature tours, our first class Alaska lodge offers one of the most unique experiences in the country. Our wilderness retreat lodge offers an incredible experience in a totally remote location that provides all the creature comforts of home.

Afognak is an island made up primarily of pure, unspoiled Alaskan wilderness with a 3 mile waterway separating it from Kodiak Island to the south. Below, you’ll find more information about the geography, climate and fun things you can do on Kodiak Island.

About Afognak Island’s Geography

Afognak Island is 43 miles from east to west and 23 miles from north to south. With a total land area of just under 700 square miles, Afognak is the 18th largest island in the United States. The highest point is 2,546 feet. As the second largest island in the Kodiak Archipelago, Afognak boasts having an abundance of wildlife including brown bears, elk, assorted sea mammals, puffins and bald eagles. Many people travel to Afognak to fish, photograph nature and to simply take in all the breathtaking views and splendor the island has to offer.

A Temperate Rain Forest with a Mild Climate

Afognak is divided into the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Afognak Island State Park and privately owned Alaska Native Corporation lands. . Afognak is a land full of majestic mountains, tumbling streams, a virgin Sitka Spruce forest and wide open waters. Kodiak Island has primarily a maritime climate, consisting of mild winters and refreshing cool summers with temperatures between 60 – 75 degrees.

What Can I Do On Afognak Island?

There are many things to do on Afognak Island including:

  • Hunting & fishing
  • Wildlife viewing (bear watching, whale watching, tide-pooling & bird watching)
  • Hiking, biking, kayaking & camping
  • Sightseeing by road, water and air

To learn more about activities at Afognak Wilderness Lodge and our rates, please visit the Afognak Wilderness Lodge Rates page.

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