afognak island alaskaWhen the world begins to thaw and come back to life once more, Afognak Wilderness Lodge gets ready to welcome back guests for another season of adventure. Our wildlife tours will be kicking off once more, and our cabins prepared to accommodate each guest. Afognak Island Alaska will soon be a springtime paradise for fun in the north. 

The Lodging

When you arrive here at Afognak, you will be greeted by our cozy cabins and lodge. Situated on Afognak Island Alaska on the shores of Seal Bay. Three cozy cabins sit among the trees with a lodge that provides comfortable quarters for up to twelve guests. Log architecture boasts the woodsy paradise’s connection with the surrounding wilderness. Find yourself in complete comfort as you settle into the quaint accommodations ready for you to make yourself right at home.

Fishing And Wildlife

A wilderness lodge would just be another lodge without the wilderness. On Afognak Island Alaska, we have an abundant presence of everything from woodland creatures snagging snacks from nut trees to monstrous fish waiting to bite a line. Take a day for discovering the colorful mix of birds that our island harbors and that prefer life at sea. The Afognak area around our lodge is alive with intriguing creatures.

Adventures Await

For a bit of adventuring, there is no better place than Alaska. Afognak Island Alaska is the perfect spot for photo opportunities, and we offer kayaking photo tours as well as incredible natural subjects. If you are in the creative process of building a portfolio of your best nature works, Afognak Wilderness Lodge is surrounded by beauty that is just waiting to be captured by your lens.

Visit our website to view our outstanding opportunities and adventures. You can give us a call at 1(360)799-3250 to see what our upcoming spring season holds and book your very own Afognak adventure. The Alaskan wilderness is waiting for you, are you ready?