We see a lot of wildlife here in our little slice of paradise on Afognak Island – seals, porpoises, Roosevelt Elk, Sitka Blacktail Deer, Bald Eagles, Salmon, and so much more. To us, every species and creature is beautiful, and they’re all an expression of the wonder and diversity of this glorious ecosystem. But there’s one species that stands out to us: the Kodiak Brown Bear.

Biggest Bear

The Kodiak Brown Bear is a wonder to behold. It’s one of the largest land mammals in the world and one of the two largest bears, rivaled in size only by the polar bear. Wild males can grow to 10 feet tall and weigh up to 1,500 lbs in peak season – and all that from eating berries, salmon, deer and any sea-mammal that washes up on the beach! They’re a quintessential part of the Alaskan landscape, representing the majesty, the beauty, and the untamed wildness of this glorious wilderness.

Afognak offers a perfect place to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Here, in our northern rain forest, Kodiak bears hibernate from around December to March, but during the summer, you can find them frolicking in the beautiful green meadows or feasting on the plentiful populations of salmon in the streams. It’s a great place to watch one of the most powerful creatures in North America in its untouched natural habitat!

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