At Afognak Wilderness Lodge, our mission is to help people experience the jaw-dropping beauty of the Kodiak Archipelago through exciting wilderness retreats and vacations. We’re proud to lead guests on adventures through the gorgeous meadows, hikes, and oceans in this pristine wilderness – but even beyond its beauty, there’s more to Kodiak than meets the eye!

10 Little-Known Facts About Kodiak, AK

Think you know all there is to know about Kodiak? Here are ten surprising facts about Kodiak you won’t find in most tourist guides:

  1. The Kodiak Archipelago has been inhabited for more than 7,000 years. In the language of the indigenous Alutiiq population, “kadiak” means “island.”
  2. The Kodiak bear is a subspecies of the grizzly bear and is one of the largest bears on Earth. Adult males can reach 1,000 pounds!
  3. In 2012, the Walmart in Kodiak won a contest for Facebook likes. Their prize? A visit from the rapper Pitbull, who got a key to the city.
  4. Theodore Roosevelt created the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge during his presidency.
  5. In 1964, a tsunami struck the Kodiak Archipelago. The 30-foot waves took 15 lives, and the earthquake that caused it raised some parts of the islands permanently by 30 feet.
  6. Alaska is the only state whose name can be typed with only a single line of a QWERTY keyboard.
  7. Alaska has never gone about 100º Fahrenheit – in fact, the highest temperature recorded was 100º F in Fort Yukon in 1915.
  8. Navy SEALs get training in cold weather survival tactics in Kodiak.
  9. Alaska was sold to the US by Russia in 1867, and the US established Kodiak as a major fishing center. The fishing industry continues today and represents a major economic driver for Kodiak.
  10. Russian explorer Stephan Glotov discovered Kodiak Island in 1763, calling it “Kad’yak.” It British captain James Cook who called the island “Kodiak” when he arrived 15 years later.

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